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Update on PA-184 related technology

Michigan Office of Retirement Services sent this bulletin at 10/14/2022 01:15 PM EDT

ORS is working diligently to update reporting technology impacted by PA 184 of 2022, the working after retirement reform law. It is important to continue to report all retirees using the Working after retirement - employer guide, which will direct you to report Michigan public school retirees using class codes 9005 or 9025 only. As a reminder, a DTL4 record is required with a 9005 class code but not required with a 9025 class code. Reporting retirees with any class code other than those two will require adjustments on your part once the technology updates are deployed.

We realize you are experiencing issues such as suspended records and UAAL being calculated for retirees that returned to work. Once the technology updates are deployed, those suspended records will automatically post. Be assured, payments for UAAL, along with any accrued late fees and interest, will be refunded.

We anticipate updates to technology addressing changes related to PA 184 will deploy soon. We will post on the What’s New section of the Employer Information website when the updates have been deployed and whether any action will be required on your part.

If you have any questions, please contact Web Reporting at

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