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A.11 Adding Missing DTL4 Records (formerly 7.21.03)

Marked obsolete 02/01/2018

OBSOLETE section - For reports before October 2015, an ORS audit found and addressed problems due to missing DTL4 records. For reports after that date, a missing DTL4 record causes the member's DTL2 record on that report to suspend, and the missing DTL4 record must be added before the report can be posted. For that reason, this section no longer applies.

After logging into the Employer Reporting website, locate the unposted payroll report to which you are going to add the record(s). The report must have an end date equal to or later than the end date of the missing DTL4 record.

  1. Click on Edit.
  2. Under the Option 2 - Add or Edit Record section, enter the SSN of the member and click the Add or Edit Record button.
  3. In the Add New Record box, check Detail 4 - DC Contributions.
  4. Click on Add New Record.
  5. Complete the DTL4 record fields as needed. Do not leave any fields for member or employer $ or % blank. Enter 0.00 in any field where data is not applicable.
  6. Save the record by clicking on the SAVE button.

Always make sure the begin and end dates on the DTL4 record match the begin and end dates used on the DTL2 record. Use the correct Record Type: 05 - Positive Adjustment or 06 - Negative Adjustment for the pay period begin and end dates prior to the report on which the adjustment records appear, or 01 - Regular Wages if the DTL4 record is for the pay period upon which the record appears.

The Status Change Date and Status Change Reason Code fields are only populated when you need to let the third party administrator (TPA) know that the Pension Plus, Defined Contribution or PHF member is leaving your employment permanently (retirement, death or termination) or temporarily (such as leave or layoff).  Never enter data in just one of the fields or the record will suspend. Populating both fields will notify the TPA that the employee is terminating and they can refund any contributions or make distributions to the employee upon the request of the member. Failure to include a DTL4 record with this information will prevent the third party administrator from processing a refund request made by the member. 

Last updated: 02/01/2018