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A.19 Agreement and Addendum File (formerly 10.04.02)

Marked obsolete 04/30/2020

Obsolete section - the TDP agreement/addendum file is no longer required.

The TDP agreement/addendum file is required to report new TDP agreements and addendums. This file is used to upload the information to the members' retirement accounts.

The layout format for the TDP agreement/addendum file is located in sections 15.01.11 and 15.01.12 TDP Agreement/Addendum File Layout.

When creating your TDP agreement/addendum file, make sure that you enter the complete agreement number and invoice number from the agreement/addendum form. If the agreement/addendum and invoice numbers do not correspond to the information on file at ORS, the deductions that you report will not post to the members' accounts. Include all of the preceding zeros in the agreement/addendum and invoice numbers. The agreement/addendum number has nine characters, and the invoice has eight characters. Both numbers are preprinted on the agreement form if the agreement is initiated after January 1, 2004.

Make sure that the information in the Frequency field (box 13 on the agreement form) indicates how many payments the employee will make each year. It should not refer to the number of payments required to pay off the balance. For example: if payroll is run every two weeks, the Frequency field should read 26. If the payroll is run monthly, it should read 12.

Using the instructions in section 14.03 Uploading Secure Files and section 15.01.10 File Naming, upload your file to the File Transfer Service (FTS). ORS will then access that file and load the information to each employee's account.

Last updated: 04/30/2020