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A.24 Late Fees for Missing DTL4 Records (formerly 7.21.02)

Marked obsolete 12/01/2021

The retirement statute, Public Act 300 of 1980, specifically MCL 38.1342(7), requires ORS to charge a late fee on missing/late reports. Any employer with retirement reports that are missing or are not submitted by the due date are assessed a fee. (For more information on the report due dates or details on the missing report fee, see section 8.02.00 Payment Due Dates and Late Fees.) Please note that each report that has a missing/late DTL4 record is charged $50 for each reporting due date that the DTL4 record is missing/late.

For example, for a biweekly reporting unit, a report dated March 17, with a missing DTL4 record on March 31st, $50 will be charged. If that March 17, report still had that missing DTL4 record on April 7th, an additional $50 will be charged.

Last updated: 04/13/2012