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Resources for New Members

New employees who are not already members of the Michigan Public School Employees' Retirement System have a decision to make for their future retirement plan. They have 75 calendar days from the first payroll end date to decide which retirement plan best meets their needs:

  • The Pension Plus 2 retirement plan, or
  • The Defined Contribution (DC) retirement plan.

These new members can get full details and guidance for their plan options at, including the Retirement Plan Election Guide and the Retirement Plan Decision Guide.

Videos for new hires and current members

Sample email

You can use the sample language below to send emails to your new hires (after checking that they are not already members). The email will point them to all the resources they will need to make an informed decision. Copy and paste the text below into an email and include your own signature/logo as a closing.


As a new employee at [school or organization name], you have a decision to make about your future! Please watch the short video titled Choosing Your Retirement Plan, located in this video playlist. The video provides an overview of this decision. Then review the information available at to understand your retirement plan options and consider what fits you best.

About three to five weeks after the first day you work, you'll receive a letter from the Michigan Office of Retirement Services (ORS) with information, including an account number, you'll need to make your election on miAccount (your account with ORS). In the meantime, we hope you'll review the information at and consider your future.