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Reconnect Data Dashboard

Michigan Reconnect is the largest effort in state history to ensure eligible Michiganders who do not have a college degree will have an opportunity to earn a tuition-free or deeply discounted associate degree or skills certificate. 

This dashboard provides a variety of general information about Michigan Reconnect, its applicants, its enrollees, and its graduates. All of the charts and graphs can be clicked on to drill down on the data.

  • Applications: What are the demographics of Reconnect applicants? Where are they from? What do we know about their past experiences?
  • Enrollment: How many Reconnectors enroll each term? What are their demographics?
  • Graduates: What are the demographics of Reconnect graduates?
  • Programs: What programs do Reconnectors earn degrees and/or certificates in?
  • Success Metrics: Compared to their peers, are Reconnectors on track to graduate?
    • Credit accumulation: What proportion of students earn at least twelve credits (which puts them on track to graduate with an associate degree within four years) in an academic year?
    • Credit completion ratio: Of all the credits taken in an academic year, how many do students complete?
    • Term-to-term persistence: After a student is enrolled in a term, are they enrolled in more terms in the same academic year?

We recommend using Microsoft Edge, Firefox, or Safari to view the dashboard. If you are using Google Chrome and experience difficulty, we recommend changing browsers.