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How do I make sure my scholarship award is applied to my tuition?

When you applied for Michigan Reconnect, you created a username and password for the Michigan Department of Treasury Student Portal.

The Student Portal is where you can:

  • check on your status for Michigan Reconnect--or any other state scholarship for which you've applied
  • see if your FAFSA has been filed
  • view your scholarship award amounts

It is also where you can update the name of the institution you plan to attend, whether you're enrolling for the first time or transferring to a new school. By keeping the name of your institution updated in the Student Portal, it allows the community college you are attending, or planning to attend, to see if you've applied for the Michigan Reconnect scholarship, whether you're eligible for the award, and/or if you have your FAFSA on file. Knowing this information allows them to apply the award to your bill.

If the incorrect institution or no institution is listed in your Student Portal, you will need to change your institution. To do so, you will need to:

  • Go to the Student Portal
  • Login using the username and password you created when you applied for Michigan Reconnect
    • If you've forgotten your username, that's okay. Click 'Forgot user name.'
    • If you've forgotten your password, that's okay. Put your user name in, and then click 'Forgot your password? Click here.'
  • When you login, you'll see your Student Profile. In the lower-right corner of your Profile, select the "Change Institution" button
  • The next screen will display the institution your awards are connected to broken down by FAFSA year
  • Click the "Change Institution" button, which will be available only on the current aid year
  • Use the pull-down menu to select a different school to send your award(s) to
    • Then select which term you plan to start (fall/winter/spring/summer)
  • Click the "Save" button
  • Your new institution should display on your Student Profile. The change should happen in real-time at the financial aid office also, so let your school know if or when you make changes

If you're having issues accessing the Student Portal and/or changing your institution, please contact the Customer Care Center at 888-447-2687.