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Will my previous college credits transfer?

If you’re returning to college, you may have previous credits from a different school. Those credits may still count toward your degree or certificate. Each college awards transfer credits differently. Ask your community college whether your previous credits will transfer.

The Michigan Transfer Network can help you understand how much credit you’re likely to receive. If there are differences between what you see on the Michigan Transfer Network and the credits your college awards, ask to speak with an enrollment advisor at your college.

Each college has a different process for transferring credits, but nearly all of them require you to submit official transcripts from every college you’ve previously attended. To request official transcripts, go to the college or university website and search for “request transcripts.” Most colleges charge a small fee for this service.

If you owe a college money, they can withhold your transcript until you’ve paid. Debt can include tuition payments and other costs, such as unpaid parking tickets or library fines. If you pay the debt, your transcript will be released. If the debt is larger, contact the registrar and ask if you can arrange a payment