MET Students Preparing for College

Congratulations! You are ready to use your MET. No matter if you are planning on attending a Michigan public college or university, attending a Michigan private college, planning to attend an out-of-state school or not attending college we are here to guide you through the process.

As a MET beneficiary you have 15 years from your expected high school graduation date to use your MET benefits, transfer unused benefits to an immediate family member or request a refund if not attending college.

Our MET Beneficiary Checklist will help guide you through completing and submitting the documentation needed to use your MET.

You may activate your benefits and perform many other actions online through MET's Self-Service Customer website.

To activate your contract for a Michigan public university or to terminate the contract for use at a Michigan private or out-of-state college or university online follow these steps:

  1. Click on "I am a new user and need to register" (If you have previously registered for online access, please go to step 8.)
  2. Select I am the contract Beneficiary (Note: only the contract beneficiary (student) can activate or terminate a contract online)
  3. Enter your contract number and your social security number.
  4. Create a user code and password, answer a security question and click submit.
  5. Open the email sent to you at the email address you provided when creating your user code.
  6. Click on the link. This will activate your user code.
  7. Return to the login page and enter your newly created ID and password.
  8. Access your contract and select the "Benefits Information" tab. Below the summary of the contract is a series of links.
  9. Select "Notice to Use MET Educational Benefits" (Use this link if you are attending a Michigan public university) or
  10. Select "Notice to terminate a MET educational Benefits Contract" (use this link if you are going to attend a Michigan private or out-of-state college or university





Materials for students with MET contracts who are about to enter college.