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Charitable Tuition Program Information

The future of Michigan, its communities and its businesses, is held in the hands and minds of our young people. Where will they take us? If we educate tomorrow's generation, nurture their talents and creativity, they can take us to the pinnacle of prosperity through invention and productivity.

It sounds simple. Unfortunately, it is not. College tuition costs continue to climb steadily. Since 1988, tuition has increased at an average rate of seven percent each and every year. There are so many bright young people who cannot afford to advance their skills today, and the numbers will only grow. A child full of promise with no means to reach their dream is not only sad to see, but also a loss our society and the future of our local economy can ill afford.

A Better Way You Can Help

Michigan is a generous state. We are known to support the less fortunate, jump in when disaster strikes; we give from the heart. If charity and education are priorities for your business, the Michigan Education Trust (MET) offers you a way to combine the two.

The MET Charitable Tuition Program is a way for your organization to purchase from one to four years of college for a deserving individual in your community at a price that's discounted especially for this program. It is an extraordinary value. With this charitable program, you pay less than the cost of a traditional MET contract, but still enjoy the benefits of locking in tomorrow's tuition at today's rates.

Charitable Tuition Program Enrollment Kit

To purchase a Charitable Tuition Contract, please read the Michigan Education Trust (MET) Charitable Tuition Contract, review the contract price charts, and complete and submit the MET Charitable Tuition Program Contract Signature Page. Charitable Tuition Program Contracts postmarked by December 31 are eligible for a tax deduction on your state income tax form in the year they are made.