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Beneficiary of MET Charitable Contract Preparing for College

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Beneficiary of MET Charitable Contract Preparing for College

You are the Beneficiary of a MET Charitable Community College contract.  The initial contract is valid for one semester with a possible eligibility for an additional semester; two semesters are the maximum that can be awarded.  Each one-semester contract is equivalent to 15 credit hours at the in-district tuition rate and includes mandatory fees if you attend a Michigan community college.  You are allowed a maximum of seven years to use the entire contract.  To use your MET contract you must:

  1. Activate your MET contract for attendance at a Michigan community college or terminate your contract for a refund payable to a Michigan public four-year university, Michigan private institution, or out-of-state college or university on MET’s Customer Web page.
  2. Access Customer Web; use the contract number listed on your confirmation letter along with your social security number.
  3. Create a user ID and password, answer a security question and click submit.
  4. Open the email sent to you at the email address you provided when creating your user ID.
  5. Click on the link. This will activate your online access.
  6. Return to the login page and enter your newly created User ID and password.
  7. Access your contract and select the “Benefits Information” tab. Below the summary of the contract is a series of links.
  8. Select “Notice to Use MET Educational Benefits” (Use this link if you are attending a Michigan community college), or Select “Notice to Terminate a MET Educational Benefits Contract” (Use this link if you are going to attend a Michigan public university, private, or out-of-state college or university).

MET may be used for tuition and mandatory fees only.  The institution must invoice based on credit hours enrolled and mandatory fees which may be less than six credits, but no more than the credits awarded on the contract.  Mandatory fees allow any fees required as a condition for enrollment, such as registration fees, etc.  Fees which are course specific, such as lab fees, or contact hour fees are NOT covered and are the responsibility of the student.


Note:  MET Charitable Community College contract Beneficiary may choose to attend a Michigan public four-year, degree-granting institution and the award amount will be based on the weighted average tuition of Michigan community colleges.  Or, students may use their MET contract at an out-of-state college; and the award amount will be based on the average tuition of Michigan community colleges.  In either case the award will be available to the institution in two equal annual installments. Charitable contracts are not eligible for refunds to an individual.