• The Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) oversees the licensing and regulation of more than 1.2 million individuals and entities in Michigan on an annual basis. LARA supports business growth and job creation while safeguarding Michigan's citizens through a simple, fair, efficient and transparent regulatory structure.

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  • Seminar Understanding Your Options for Raising Capital in Michigan Seminars

    The Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs and the Corporations, Securities and Commercial Licensing Bureau are conducting seminars in an effort to educate entrepreneurs and others that could benefit from gaining an understanding of their options for raising capital in Michigan.

  • Upwardly Global Logo An Online Resource for Skilled Immigrants Working through Upwardly Global, LARA has created an online resource for skilled immigrants, providing important information on how to become a licensed professional in Michigan.
  • LARA Services for Veterans LARA Services for Veterans The Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs has prepared a compilation of services that may apply to Michigan's Veterans, active military and military families. These services include occupational or business licensing, construction, workplace safety and health, and utility assistance.