Senate Legislation 2017-2018

Senate Bill 126 of 2017 - Amends article 25, section 2504a of the Occupational Code of 1980, PA 299, giving the Department authority by rule to determine and provide for publication the number of hours eligible continuing education courses a licensee must successfully complete in a licensing cycle. Until the rules are promulgated, licensees must have 18 clock hours of continuing education hours per license cycle.
PA 56 of 2017

Senate Bill 260 of 2017 - Amends the Higher Education Authorization and Distance Education Reciprocal Exchange Act of 2015, PA 45, allowing the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs to continue to collect an application fee, an initial authorization fee, and an annual renewal fee from both in-state and out-of-state educational institutions that offer distance education courses and programs via the State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement Compact as provided by the Distance Education Reciprocal Exchange Act Sunset (PA 45 of 2015).  LARA provides the administrative services and enforces the requirrements related to the agreements.
PA 99 of 2017

Senate Bill 264 of 2017 - Amends the Firefighters Training Council Act of 1966, PA 291, by addressing industry changes that have occurred in fire servicese over the last 30 years to identify updates in position classification and certifications to meet the National fire Protection Association (NFPA) professional qualifications standards. 
PA 144 of 2017

Senate Bill 265 of 2017 - Amends the Fireworks Safety Act of 2011, PA 256, to provide that 100% of all revenue collected from the Fireworks Safety Fund is to be used for training approved by the Fire Marshall and the Michigan Fire Fighters Training Fund. (Tie-barrded with Senate Bill 264)
PA 145 of 2017

Senate Bill 286 of 2017 - Amends the Public Health Code of 1978, PA 368, by adding Part 219 providing training and certification of certified nurses aides (CNA).

Senate Bill 356 of 2017 - Creates new Section 502 in the Liquor Control Code of 1998, PA 58, codifying the salesperson licenses. The Bill also requries designated employees of licensed manufacturers of beer, manufacturers of wine, manufacturers of mixed spirit drink, outstate sellers of beer, outstate sellers of wine, outstate sellers of mixed spirit drink, wholesalers, and brokers that represent one or more of the above-mentioned licensed persons, to successfully complete a salesperson accreditation program prior to issuance or renewal of a salesperson license. Under SB 356, the Commission is required to approve the salesperson accreditation program if the curriculum includes an understanding of the specified criteria. 
PA 129 of 2017

Senate Bill 357 of 2017 - Creates a new Section 609c of the Liquor Control Code of 1998, PA 58, to allow a wholesaler or manufacturer to refund to a retailer the amount paid for beer or wine or allow a wholesaler or manufacturer to replace the beer or wine under certain circumstances.
PA 130 of 2017

Senate Bill 358 of 2017 - Creates a new Section 610a of the Liquor Control Code of 1998, PA 58, to allow a manufacturer, warehouser, wholesaler, outstate seller of beer, oust ate seller of mixed spirit drink, or vendor of spirits to provide a retailer a sign that promotes the prices and brands, including special event pricing, under certain conditions. 
PA 131 of 2017

Senate Bill 360 of 2017 - Amends the Public Health Code of 1978, PA 368, to allow pharmacists to dispense the total number of prescribed doses of a drug all at once, but not more than 90-days' worth.  This would apply to prescriptions for controlled suibstances unless that controlled substance is a schedule 5 drug that does not contain an opioid.
PA 165 of 2017

Senate Bill 370 - Amends the Michigan Unarmed Combat Regulatory Act of 2004, PA 403.  The bill contains a series of technical amendments to the Act that addresses outstanding issues in the statute in need of revision.  These revisions promote the unarmed combat sports covered under the Act reducing the burden of entry and clarifying requirements of applications while providing an effective regulatory scheme to ensure the health and safety of contestants.  Senate Bill 370 deletes weight classes for events from the statute and allows the Department to set weight classes by rule.  Allows for financial sanctions against amateur-licensed contestants who violate the Act, defraying the cost to the Department of adjudiciation and administration of the Act. Mandates additional duties of inspectors at events held under the Act, adds Department approval or previous Department approval to the existing qualifications options for individuals to serve as inspectors, requires that contestants are at least 18 years of age, requires applicants to submit documentation earlier to allow the Department sufficient time to perform its review and removes some barriers to entry experienced by applicants when applying for licensure.
PA 146 of 2017

Senate Bill 372 of 2017 - Amends the Liquor Control Code of 1998, PA 58, repealing the entire Section 1030 of the Liquor Control Code that sets out the requirement for retailers selling keg beer, include attaching a keg identification tag, requiring the purchaser to complete and sign a receipt, and refusing to return the keg deposit if the keg identification tag is not attached to the keg when returned.  Keg registration is no longer required under the bill.
PA 166 of 2017

Senate Bill 378 of 2017 - Amends the Public Health Code of 1978, PA 368, gives authority to the Department to grant exceptions form Homes for the Aged Licensure.  The bill reduces minimum age to be admitted into a Home for theAtged from 60 to 55 years old.  Requeste the Bureau of Fire Services to amend rules to allow facilities in existence on or before the effective date of this amendment to be reviewed under chapter 32 or 33 of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 101 so that these buildings can be licensed as a Home for the Aged.  Caps the number of background checks that the department will pay for per year for Homes for the Aged direct care staff and allows for exemptions from licensure in certain instances
PA 167 of 2017

Senate Bill 410 of 2017 - Amends the Public Health Code of 1978, PA 368 to include in the list of sanctions, subdivision (B)(xiv), providing for permanent revocation against a licensed or registered health professional if convicted of offenses related to female genital mutilation (FGM) as established by HB 4639 in the Michigan Penal Code.  Provides that if licensees or registrant has been found to have violated section 16221(B)(xiv) by a disciplinary subcommittee, the subcommittee shall impose sanctions of permanent revocation if they find the licensee or registrant is convicted of knowlingly performing a femal genital mutilation operation.
PA 81 of 2017

Senate Bill 450 of 2017 - Amends Section 305a of the Municipal Health Facilities Corporations Act to allow the board of trustee of a municipal health facilities corporation or subsidiary board to restructure the corporation or a subsidiary corporation as a nonprofit corporation subject to the Nonprofit Corporation Act if both of the following conditions were met: The corporation or subsidiary corporation was located in a county with a population of more than 45,000 and less than 60,000 as of the most recent decennial census and the restructuring was completed before June 30, 2018.  Restructuring would have to comply with the requirements of Section 305a and the Nonprofit Corporation Act, as well as applicable licensing and other regulatory requirements.
PA 148 of 2017