Boiler Division

  • Contact the Boiler Division at: 517-241-9334 or via E-Mail at

    The Boiler Division is responsible for issuing boiler permits, examination and licensing of boiler installers, repairers, and inspectors, conducting inspections of boiler installations and repairs and inservice inspections of existing boilers and boiler accident investigations. The division also provides staff support to the Board of Boiler Rules and handles code questions. Click here to learn more about the history of the Boiler Division

    Notice: Boiler Licensing for a Residence
    Recent amendments to the boiler law have resulted in a long awaited change. The boiler law no longer regulates licensing of individuals who install or repair boilers in a private residence or apartment building with less than 6 families. By default, the licensing of individuals doing boiler installation or repairs in these locations falls to the State of Michigan Mechanical Division. You may refer to the Forbes Mechanical Contractors Act, section 338.977 Sec.7.(1) of PA 1992 of 1984, by linking below.

    Forbes Mechanical Contractors Act, Act 192 of 1984