Premanufactured Units Program

The Michigan Premanufactured Units program is authorized by 1972 PA 230 Section 19, MCL 125.1519, which allows building components and buildings to be certified for use in Michigan at a place of manufacture, other than the site of final use. The program requires participating manufacturers and inspection agencies be approved by the Construction Code Commission. They must submit a Compliance Assurance Program, and will be issued a Certificate of Acceptability when it is approved.

The Compliance Assurance Program must address specific matters affecting the construction of certified units. An organizational chart demonstrating that there is not conflicts between code compliance, production and sales. All aspects of materials, handling and production must be detailed. Procedures for the security and handling of certification labels, and record keeping must be in place. The manufacturer must also have procedures for storage, shipping and installation of units.

Units manufactured and labeled under this program are guaranteed certain protections. The units must be accepted by all enforcing agencies. Local enforcing agencies shall not conduct destructive inspections and manufacturing violations are reviewed and addressed by the Bureau of Construction Codes.

A manufacturer must submit an application with the appropriate fee and a complete set of construction documents for each building component or building. Each application is reviewed by the Bureau of Construction Codes, Plan Review Division for compliance with the Michigan Construction Code. When the documents are found to comply, a building system approval is issued for the unit. The approval is in the form of a Building System Approval Report (BSAR) and a set of construction documents stamped "Approved" with the assigned BSAR number.

An approved building system may not be manufactured contrary to the approved drawings. If a modification of an approved model is desired, the manufacturer must submit an application for a modification with revised construction documents and the appropriate fee. In accordance with Rule R408.31141 the modified unit may be manufactured only after approved, and a new BSAR is issued.

Application for Premanufactured Unit 

Questions should be directed to the Plan Review Division at 517-241-9328.