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Office of Land Survey & Remonumentation

Contact the Office of Land Survey and Remonumentation at (517) 241-6321 or via E-Mail at

The Office of Land Survey and Remonumentation is responsible for administration of the statewide program of monumenting and remonumenting the original U.S. government public land survey corners. The office is also responsible for ensuring an orderly and consistent review of the subdivision of land; conducts final review of subdivision plats; and provides staff support to the State Boundary Commission and the Indiana-Michigan Boundary Line Commission.

Indiana-Michigan Boundary Line Commission
The Indiana-Michigan Boundary Line Commission is responsible for coordinating activities between the States of Indiana and Michigan to resurvey their common border. The coordinated effort is intended to recover and perpetuate the original monuments defining the Michigan-Indiana state boundary line first established in 1827 by the U.S. Government, General Land Office.

The Commission is established and its duties prescribed in the Michigan and Indiana State Line Monumentation Act, 2010 PA 259, and in the Indiana Code 1-3-2, Indiana-Michigan Boundary Line Commission.

• Commission Meetings

• Michigan GLO Records PDF icon

• 1827 Kendrick Survey Map PDF icon

• McNamara Transcription of Kendrick Notes PDF icon

• August 8, 2014 Letter on Funding PDF icon

The Office of Land Survey and Remonumentation administers the applicable provisions of the Land Division Act, 1967 P.A. 288 in order to ensure the orderly development of subdivisions in the State of Michigan. Staff conducts final reviews of plat maps to ensure compliance with the Act and authorizes final plats to be submitted to the Register of Deeds for proper recordation.

• Data Downloads

• Statewide Search for Subdivision Plats

• Troubleshooting Statewide Search PDF icon

• Administrative Rules
Subdivisions of Land:

• Part 1. Department of Labor and Economic Growth R 560.101 - 560.135 PDF icon

• Part 2. Department of Transportation R 560.201 - 560.205 PDF icon

• Part 3. Department of Environmental Quality R 560.301 - 560.304 PDF icon

• Part 4. Department of Environmental Quality R 560-401 - 560.428 PDF icon

• References

• Land Division Act Notice PDF icon

• Land Division Act Flow Chart PDF icon

• MDEQ Subdivision Floodplain Program

• Attorney General Number Opinions Excel icon

• Court Cases Excel icon

Survey and Remonumentation
The Office of Land Survey and Remonumentation is responsible for the administration of the Survey and Remonumentation Act, 1990 P.A. 345. For the first time since the original government surveyors established and monumented these initial corner positions in Michigan a concerted effort has been made to identify and remark these historic markers. All land ownership in Michigan, both public and private, was originally determined from these public land survey corners which are required to be publicly recorded (see Corner Recordation Act, 1970 PA 74).

• Administrative Rules

• Survey and Remonumentation General Rules - R 54.201 - 54.213 PDF icon

• Miscellaneous

• 11th Biennial Report to the Legislature PDF icon

• County Grant Administrators & Representatives PDF icon

• Electronic Transmission of Land Corner Recordation Certificate PDF icon

• County Requirements to Voluntarily Enter their Perpetual Monument Maintenance Plan PDF icon

• County Remonumentation Data Entry NOTE: Must use JAVA Version 6 or earlier

• County Remonumentation Data Entry-Vista or IE 7 & higher NOTE: Must use JAVA Version 6 or earlier.

• Troubleshooting County Remonumentation Data Entry PDF icon

• Data Downloads

• Michigan Case Law Related to Water - 2000 PDF icon

• Original GLO Survey Plat Maps

• Statewide Search for Remonumentation Data

• Troubleshooting Statewide Search PDF icon

State Boundary Commission
The State Boundary Commission is responsible for administering the State Boundary Commission Act [1968 PA 191, MCL 123.1001-1020] and portions of the Home Rule City Act [1909 PA 279, MCL 117.1-117.38] and the Home Rule Village Act [1909 PA 278, MCL 78.1-78.28]. The Commission is comprised of three members appointed by the Governor, and two members appointed by the chief probate judge of the county in which the land being considered in a petition is located. The Commission serves as a quasi-judicial body adjudicating many types of municipal boundary adjustments and recommends, to the Director of the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, the approval or denial of petitions for incorporations of new Home Rule Cities, new Home Rule Villages, and municipal consolidations. The Commission also recommends approval or denial of certain types of petitions involving land currently under township jurisdiction that is proposed to be annexed into a Home Rule City.

• Active Petitions and Docket Material

• State Boundary Commission Responsibilities and Meeting Schedule

• State Boundary Commission Public Hearings

• Petition Signature Collection Form 2010-2002 PDF icon

• Petition Circulation Instructions PDF icon

• Public Acts and Administrative Rules

• State Boundary Commission Act - 1968 PA 191

• State Boundary Commission Rules PDF icon

• Charter Township Act - 1947 PA 359

• Home Rule City Act - 1909 PA 279

• Home Rule Village Act - 1909 PA 278

• Intergovernmental Conditional Transfer of Property by Contract - 1984 PA 425

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