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Fire Fighter Training Division


The Fire Fighter Training Division (FFTD) serves the training needs of approximately l,208 fire departments and over 40,000 fire fighters throughout the state by preparing and publishing advisory and training standards as well as establising courses of study, qualifications and regional training centers. The FFTD also servers as the BFS liaison to work with the Michigan Fire Fighter's Training Council (MFFTC).

The MFFTC was established by Public Act 291 of 1966. The govenor appoints six of the seven Council members and the State Fire Marshal is an ex-offico member. Council members represent the following organizations: Michigan Fire Service Instructors Association, Michigan Association of Fire Chiefs, Michigan Municipal League, Michigan Townships Associations and Michigan Firemen's Association.

BFS/FFTD Information Management System

Course Offerings

• Fighter - Basic

• Fire Fighter I and II First Class Orientation PPT icon

• Fire Fighter I (NFPA 1001, 2008 Edition)

• Fire Fighter I Challenge Exam (NFPA 1001 2008 edition)

• Fire Fighter II (NFPA 1001 2008 Edition)

• Challenge Exam - Fire Fighter II

• Fire Fighter I & II (NFPA 1001 2008 Edition)

• Challenge Exam - Fire Fighter I & II

• Apparatus

• Drivers Training - VFIS

• Pump Apparatus Operator

• Mutual Aid Tanker Shuttle

• Arson Detection/Fire Investigation

• Detection of Arson and Suspicious Fires

• Fire Prevention

• Introduction to Fire Inspection Principles and Practices

• Fire Officer

• Company Officer (Thomson Delmar)

• Hazardous Materials

• First Responder Operations

• Clandestine Drug Lab - Awareness

• Cargo Tank Training

• Health and Safety

• Health & Safety Officer (Fire Officer III Course)

• Incident Safety Officer (Prerequisite for Company Officer)

• Instructor Development

• Education Methodology (Prerequisite for Company Officer)

• MFFTC Instructor Orientation

• Manager & Supervisor Development

• Leadership I (Fire Officer III Course)

• Leadership II (Fire Officer III Course)

• Leadership III (Fire Officer III Course)

• Rescue

• Vehicle Extrication

• Advanced Vehicle Stabilization

• Elevator Training

• Suppression

• Building Construction for Fire Suppression Forces: Principles

• Building Construction for Fire Suppression Forces: Noncombustible

• Firefighting Strategies and Tactics (Equivalency Prerequisite for Company Officer)

• Firefighting Strategies and Tactics (Equivalency Prerequisite for Company Officer)

• Preparation for Initial Company Operations (Prerequisite for Company Officer

• Managing Company Tactical Operations - Decision Making (Prerequisite for Company Officer)

• Strategy and Tactics for Initial Company Operations (Prerequisite for Company Officer)

• Chimney Fire Suppression

• NIMS - Incident Command System for the Fire Service
(Prerequisite for Company Officer)

• Introduction to Unified Command for Multi-Agency and
Catastropic Incidents

• Flammable Liquid Fires

• Liquid Propane Gas Emergencies

• Introduction to Wildland Fire Suppression

• Wildland Fire Behavior S-190

• Wildland Fire Fighter S-130

• Wildland Urban Interface S-215

 •  IMS/Information Management System
 •  Bureau of Fire Services/Fire Fighter Training Division Staff
 •  Forms Library
 •  Laws, Rules and Standards
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