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Office of Fire Fighter Training Forms

• BFS/FFTD Information Management System


• New MFFTC Elective Grant Program Passage of MI Fireworks Safety Act 256 allows a portion the fireworks funds to go towards training firefighters. This funding allows the FFTD to offer grants to firefighters throughout Michigan. > more . . .

Curriculum Services

• NEW- Additional Training Opportunities Offered by Public Organizations (Updated 12-23-13)

• Forms Library

• MDCH Continuing Education Credits

• Schedule of MFFTC Firefighter Training Course Updated on 04-14 -2014 PDF icon

Fire Fighter Training Division & Contact Info

•  Joseph A. Grutza, Manager
Phone: (517) 241-8847
Fax: (517) 332-1427

U.S. Mailing Address
Bureau of Fire Services/FFTD
P.O. Box 30700
Lansing, MI 48909

Physical Location and UPS/Fed Ex
Bureau of Fire Services/FFTD
3101 Technology Road, Suite H
Lansing, MI 48910

• Bureau of Fire Services/Fire Fighter Training Division Staff

• Map of Office of Fire Fighting Training Coordinators PDF icon

• County Training Committee Contacts 1-10-13 PDF icon

• Regional Training Centers - Updated 1-24-2013 PDF icon


• Michigan Fire Fighters Training Council Mission Statement

• Policy 2-1 Instructor Qualifications PDF icon

• Michigan Fire Fighters Training Council Meeting Minutes DOC icon

• Michigan Fire Fighters Training Council Meeting Information

• Michigan Fire Fighters Training Council Membership

Course Menu

• Fire Fighter I and II Course Manager Test Packet PDF icon

• Fighter - Basic

• Fire Fighter I and II First Class Orientation PPT icon

• Fire Fighter I (NFPA 1001, 2008 Edition)

• Fire Fighter I Challenge Exam (NFPA 1001 2008 edition)

• Fire Fighter II (NFPA 1001 2008 Edition)

• Challenge Exam - Fire Fighter II

• Fire Fighter I & II (NFPA 1001 2008 Edition)

• Challenge Exam - Fire Fighter I & II

• Apparatus

• Drivers Training - VFIS

• Pump Apparatus Operator

• Mutual Aid Tanker Shuttle

• Arson Detection/Fire Investigation

• Detection of Arson and Suspicious Fires

• Fire Prevention

• Introduction to Fire Inspection Principles and Practices

• Fire Officer

• Company Officer (Thomson Delmar)

• Hazardous Materials

• First Responder Operations

• Clandestine Drug Lab - Awareness

• Cargo Tank Training

• Health and Safety

• Health & Safety Officer (Fire Officer III Course)

• Incident Safety Officer (Prerequisite for Company Officer)

• Instructor Development

• Education Methodology (Prerequisite for Company Officer)

• Instructor Orientation - IFSTA

• Manager & Supervisor Development

• Leadership I (Fire Officer III Course)

• Leadership II (Fire Officer III Course)

• Leadership III (Fire Officer III Course)

• Rescue

• Vehicle Extrication

• Advanced Vehicle Stabilization

• Elevator Training

• Suppression

• Building Construction for Fire Suppression Forces: Principles

• Building Construction for Fire Suppression Forces: Noncombustible

• Firefighting Strategies and Tactics (Equivalency Prerequisite for Company Officer)

• Firefighting Strategies and Tactics (Equivalency Prerequisite for Company Officer)

• Preparation for Initial Company Operations (Prerequisite for Company Officer

• Managing Company Tactical Operations - Decision Making (Prerequisite for Company Officer)

• Strategy and Tactics for Initial Company Operations (Prerequisite for Company Officer)

• Chimney Fire Suppression

• NIMS - Incident Command System for the Fire Service
(Prerequisite for Company Officer)

• Introduction to Unified Command for Multi-Agency and
Catastropic Incidents

• Flammable Liquid Fires

• Liquid Propane Gas Emergencies

• Introduction to Wildland Fire Suppression

• Wildland Fire Behavior S-190

• Wildland Fire Fighter S-130

• Wildland Urban Interface S-215

Laws, Administrative Rules & Standards

• Laws, Administrative Rules and Standards

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