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• Corporations A Corporation is an association of persons, created by law and existing as an entity with powers and liabilities independent of those of its members.

• Corporation Forms

• IRS EIN Application and Responsible Party

• Foreign Corporation Filing Information PDF icon

• Michigan Nonprofit Corporation Filing Information PDF icon

• Michigan Profit Corporation Filing Information PDF icon

• Nonprofit Corporations Act amended - P.A. 9 of 2008

• Use of Laser Equipment by Health Professionals Dec. 5, 2005 Michigan Department of Community Health position statement. Practice of medicine within corporation and limited liability companies.

• Amendments to Summer Resort Corporation Act

• Addressing Requirements PDF icon

Entity Types

• Domestic Profit Corporation Domestic profit corporations are formed for the purpose of generating profit for shareholders.

• Business Corporation Act 1972 PA 284

• Domestic Nonprofit Corporation Nonprofit corporations are those formed in which members may not receive any profits of the corporation. A nonprofit corporation is formed under the Michigan Nonprofit Corporation Act. Some purposes for which nonprofit corporations are commonly formed are those involving religious, educational and charitable activities.

• NonProfit Corporation Act 1982 PA 162

• Foreign Corporation A foreign corporation is one that is incorporated under laws other than the laws of this state.

• Professional Service Corporation A professional service corporation, as the name implies, is a corporation made up exclusively of licensed professionals.

• Professional Corporations, Chapter 2A, 1972 PA 284 2012 PA 569, effective January 2, 2013, repealed the Professinal Service Corporation Act, 1962 PA 192, and essentially recodified the provisions as a new chapter within the Business Coporation Act, 1972 PA 284.

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