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Limited Liability Company

• Limited Liability Company A limited liability company is a business formed by an organizer who may, but need not be a member. It is a business entity separate from its members and liability is limited to the financial contribution ...

• Limited Liability Company Act 1993 PA 23

• Limited Liability Company Forms

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• Use of Laser Equipment by Health Professionals Dec. 5, 2005 Michigan Department of Community Health position statement. Practice of medicine within corporation and limited liability companies.

Entity Types

• Domestic Limited Liability Companies Limited liability companies are formed for the purpose of generating profit, while limiting taxes and liability. Limited liability companies have all the powers granted to a corporation.

• Professional Service Limited Liability Company A professional limited liability company, as the name implies, is a company made up of licensed persons who have been legally authorized to provide a professional service.

• Foreign Limited Liability Company A foreign limited liability company is one that is formed under the laws of another jurisdiction. Foreign limited liability companies that are "transacting business" in Michigan must first obtain a ...

Filing Requirements Continued

• Limited Liability Company Changes

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