Direct Care Staff Training for Certified Facilities


To comply with certification Rule 330.1806(2)(3)(4) direct care staff providing resident care must be trained using either the approved curriculum, "Providing Residential Services in Community Settings:  A Training Guide" or an approved alternative curriculum.  The Providing Residential Services curriculum is the approved curriculum for direct care staff that work in adult foster care homes that are licensed to provide services to individuals that have a mental illness or a developmental disability. This curriculum was a collaboration of multiple departments and individuals knowledgeable and experienced in areas outlined in the curriculum. The curriculum, as a foundational guide, continues to be applicable. 

The components of individual topics within the curriculum have evolved as standards relating to the care of adults have advanced. Due to this fact, current standards and practices applicable to direct care staff training for certified facilities must be used.  For example: Providing Residential Services references the Food Guide Pyramid whereas current USDA Dietary Guidelines use MyPlate. 

Additionally, there are topics relevant to direct care staff training that did not exist when Providing Residential Services was developed. Trainers will need to determine which topics to add to the curriculum based on the staff being trained. A list of topics is available on the Training Submission Outline for Direct Care Staff - Certified Facilities webpage. The Providing Residential Services in Community Settings training is listed below, identified by specific modules/topics: 

A. Introduction to Community Residential Services - Your Roles as Direct Care Staff 
Providing Residential Services in Community Settings 

B. Recipient Rights Module (Revised 7/09) 
ORR Group Home Training Curriculum 

C. Working with People: Introduction to Human Needs, Values, Guiding Principals, and Effective Teaching Strategies  
Working with People Introduction to Human needs Values Guiding Principles 

D. Nutrition and Food Service  
Nutrition and Food Service 

E. Environmental Emergencies: Preventing, Preparing, and Responding  
Environmental Emergencies Preventing Preparing and Responding 

F. Working with People: Positive Techniques to Address Challenging Behavior  
Working with People Positive Techniques to Address Challenging Behavior 

G. Basic Health and Medications      
Basic Health and Medications 

H. Advanced Health and Medications      
Advanced Health and Medications 

I. Responding to Life Threatening Situations: CPR and First Aid Requirements      
Responding to Life Threatening Situations: CPR and First Aid Requirements 



The curricula and/or curricula modules listed below have been approved as alternative Direct Care Staff Training for Certified Facilities. Please contact the organizations for additional information. If you are seeking direct care staff training locations, please contact your potential adult foster care employer or your local community mental health agency to inquire.  


TOPIC OR FULL CURRICULA                                         

APPROVAL DATE                      

Kathy Smits,                    Training Program Specialists    810-220-1076

Training Toolbox System 

June 2, 2003 

Jody Marvin                     ProCPR LLC                        888-406-7487 


April 24, 2009 

Jody Marvin                     ProCPR LLC                               888-406-7487 

ProCPR & ProFirstAid 

May 8, 2009 

Kathy Smits,                    Training Program Specialists    810-220-1076 

*Revised Recipient Rights Module to the Toolbox 

March 17, 2010 

Courtney Roemsich               EMS Safety Services Inc.      800-215-9555 

EMS Safety Services CPR/AED and First Aid 

June 23, 2010 

Natalie Hall                                  Macomb County CMH           586-469-7858 

Training for Direct Care Staff Curriculum 

February 2, 2011  

Karen Bressette                     CMH for Central Michigan           989-772-5938 

CenTrain Group Home  Curriculum         

November 30, 2011  

John Sigworth                            Community Living Services

A Spirit of Support

 May 16, 2003 

Jennifer Marcenaro                       Northern Management Services 989-732-6374 

C.A.R.E Training

 October 24, 2013