AFC Training Approval Submission Process


Approval of training on this web site does not constitute an endorsement of any particular trainer, training company, or their consultative or other services. To present otherwise to the public is fraudulent and grounds for removal of training approval from this site.

Note: Inclusion of posted training on this website reflects approval of curriculums submitted to the department. Approval of the curriculum does not assure the quality of the training provided or competency of the trainers.

Technical assistance regarding, policies, procedures, program statements, or any other rule requirements, may be obtained at no charge from Division of Adult Foster Care and Home for the Aged Licensing staff.

For application information please call 866-685-0006 or click on "Tutorial for Application Inquiries."


Training programs (conference, workshop, etc.) are required by Adult Foster Care Small and Large Group Home Administrative Rules 400.14203 and 400.15203 to be approved by the Bureau of Children and Adult Licensing.  An AFC licensee or administrator may seek out pre-approved training.  Pre-approval provides assurance that the training is consistent with Act 218 and the administrative rules.  However, should training presented conflict with any statutory or rule requirements, those requirements will prevail and supercede any training.

A training program will only be accepted as counting toward the required 16 hours of annual training when it has been determined by the Licensing Consultant that the training is relevant to the licensee's and/or administrator's admission policy and program statement. (R400.14203 (15203).


Training curriculums may be submitted to the Bureau of Children and Adult Licensing for prior review and approval of credits.  Following the review a written response, specifying approval or disapproval of the training curriculum, will be sent to the training provider.

Submitting training programs for review and approval 

The following information is necessary and is to be submitted by the sponsoring or host agency or a committee member:

  • Name and address of agency/person proposing the training.
  • Date(s) and location(s) of the training (if known).
  • Short resume or brief biography of trainer(s).
  • Curriculum or content for the proposed training.
  • Expected outcomes for the participants.
  • A statement specifying how many hours of training credits are being requested.  [One clock hour of face to face training contact equals one hour of licensee/administrator training credit] 

    Including the following information in the review/approval request will assist those who are seeking training:
    • The areas (counties or cities) of Michigan where the training will be available.
    • The name of the person who may be contacted for more information.
    • The mailing address of the contact person.
    • The telephone and/or fax number(s) where interested persons may reach the contact person.
    • The e-mail address and/or a web page.  [Optional]

Submit training requests no later than 60 days before the activity date to:

Bureau of Children and Adult Licensing
Attn: Mahtina Rubritius
201 North Washington Square, 4th Floor
P.O. Box 30650
Lansing MI 48909

OR by email at: 

After the training is reviewed and approved it will be placed on the approved training lists on this website.

Please Note The Following:
  1. When there are substantial changes to the content of pre-approved training it is necessary to re-submit the curriculum for review and approval. Please identify the changed content via highlighting or underlining.
  2. Titles/names of approved training must remain constant in order to maintain the pre-approved status.
  3. Submit conference training materials well in advance of the start date to accommodate publication and registration deadlines. Expect a minimum of 60 days for review and approval.

Submission of training courses/curricula is not the equivalence of approval. Approval of a course/curriculum is indicated through the issuance of an official letter from the Adult Foster Care and Homes for the Aged Licensing Division. Please do not indicate course/curriculum approval until receipt of such letter. To present otherwise to the public is fraudulent and grounds for removal of training approval from this site.

Direct Care Staff 

General direct care staff qualifications, training and competencies can be found in Adult Foster Care Group Rules 400.14204 and R 400.15204.