Nurse Aide Training Program

Nurse Aide Trainer

  • In order for an individual to be a certified nurse aide trainer and teach in a nurse aide training program in the State of Michigan, the individual must complete the Nurse Aide Trainer Application and their application must be approved by the state.

Nurse Aide Training Program

To Make Changes

  • To make changes to a nurse aide training program or nurse aide trainer certification, you must complete and submit the respective applications indicating the changes.

    Please refer to 42 USC 1395i-3 (f) (2) (C) when considering requesting a waiver of the 2-year "lock-out" prohibition. A nursing home may request a waiver of the 2-year Nurse Aide Training Prohibition by submitting the following information via

    • Identify the nursing home name, address and federal CCN (23-XXXX).
    • Specify the reason the waiver is being requested and the time period for which it is requested.
    • Provide whether the nursing home is currently in substantial compliance with federal certification requirements or whether there is an approved Plan of Correction for any outstanding deficiencies. Please state in the e-mail "Substantial compliance has occurred in the most recent federal survey, xx/xx/xxxx" if applicable.

    A request will be reviewed if all of the above information is included. A request may be granted if the following conditions have been met. There must be no other nurse aide training program located within a reasonable distance of your facility (greater than 5 miles).

    • Please use the Regional Training Programs listed below to identify nearby active programs.

    The last condition is that the Bureau establishes that an adequate environment exists for operating the program in the facility, which can only be done by being in substantial compliance or having an approved Plan of Correction for any outstanding deficiency.

    • Also, your program must notify the State long-term care ombudsman of your waiver request.

    Within 90 days of receiving the waiver request, the Bureau will either approve or disapprove the waiver, in which case a letter will be sent, or request additional information from the requesting entity.


Contact Information

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    Phone: 517-896-0511
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