Section 32p/32p(4) Grants

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The Section 32p Grants combines funds formerly appropriated for Great Start Collaboratives (GSCs) in Section 32b and for Great Parents, Great Start in Section 32j. The funding distribution is based on an "equitable" formula, as approved by the State Board of Education. Flexibility in services is allowed to meet the goals identified in each GSC's strategic plan. For more detailed information about the Section 32p Grants, please select from the following:

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Section 32p Grants

FY21 Section 32p Allocations Memo PDF icon
FY21 Section 32p Allocations PDF icon
FY21 Section 32p Certifications and AssurancesPDF icon
FY21 Section 32p Important Information PDF icon
FY21 Section 32p Budget Guidance PDF icon
FY21 Section 32p Income Eligibility Guidelines PDF icon

FY20 Section 32p Allocations PDF icon
9-26-19 FY20 Section 32p Tentative Allocations memo PDF icon
FY20 Section 32p Certifications and Assurances PDF icon
FY20 Section 32p Important InformationPDF icon
FY20 Section 32p Budget Guidance PDF icon
FY20 Section 32p Income Eligibility Guidelines PDF icon

Section 32p(4) Home Visitation Grants

Section 32p(4) Home Visitation Grants will provide $2.5 million for grants to intermediate school districts as fiduciaries of their Great Start Collaborative (GSC)or consortia of GSCs to implement home visitation services based upon a locally coordinated, family-centered, evidence-based, data-driven home visiting strategic plan.

FY21 32p(4) Home Visitation Grant Awardees List PDF icon
FY21 32p(4) Certifications and Assurances PDF icon
FY21 32p(4) Home Visitation Budget Guidance PDF icon 
FY21 32p(4) Home Visitation Important Information PDF icon

FY20 32p(4) Home Visitation Grant Awardees List PDF icon
FY20 32p(4) Home Visitation Budget Help PDF icon
FY20 32p(4) Home Visitation Important Information PDF icon


9-3-15 - Great Start Collaborative Director Criteria MemoPDF icon

Program Resources

32p FY20 Legislative Report PDF icon
32p FY19 Legislative Report PDF icon
32p FY18 Legislative Report PDF icon
FY15 School Readiness Advisory PDF icon
Home Visiting FY19 Annual Report PDF icon
Home Visiting FY18 Annual Report PDF icon
Home Visting FY17 Annual Report PDF icon

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