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Facilities Operating without License

This list includes individuals and facilities that the Department has taken to circuit court because they have either operated a child care or adult foster care facility without proper licensure, or they have continued to operate after the Department has revoked or refused to renew their license or certificate of registration.

Note: An individual or organization may be refused a child care license or certificate of registration for at least two years after having a certificate of registration/license revoked, suspended or administratively closed. Effective May 27, 2010, if the certificate of registration/license was revoked due to violations that resulted in serious injury or death of a child, the individual or organization can never be issued a certificate of registration/license.

An individual or organization may be refused an adult foster care or home for the aged license for at least five years after having a license revoked, suspended or administratively closed.

If you would like additional information on a facility, you may submit a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.

Individuals the Department has Obtained Court Injunctions Prohibiting Continued Operation

Facility Type 

Facility Name/Location 


Date of Court
Injunction Prohibiting
Continued Operation


Child Care Lisa Hicks
3596 Harper Road
Mason, MI
Child Care


Janet Hams
8543 Old Channel Trail
Montague, MI


Adult Foster Care
Embassy Living Solutions, LLC – Diane Dupree
Adult Foster Care              

Embassy Living Solutions, LLC 2 – Diane Dupree

Adult Foster Care
Northern Residential Services, LLC
Adult Foster Care
UR Home Residential Services, LLC
Adult Foster Care

Martin Street AFC – Pleasz Roy Daniels
7174 Martin Avenue SE
Grand Rapids, MI


Adult Foster Care

Kennett Rd. AFCH - Clarence, Lura and Shawn Barrett
337 W. Kennett Road
Pontiac, MI