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Camps Interim Year

You have determined that your license is on the Interim year.  During the Interim year, you are required to provide the Interim Notification for your camp PROGRAM and/or SITE license.  The notification identifies who is the responsible person(s), updated contact information, and the dates of operation. Below you will find the Interim Year Check List for Licensing. 

✓  Complete and Submit the Interim Year Notification to the licensing department. Note: There are no fees associated with this submission.

PROGRAM Interim Notification

SITE Interim Notification

✓  Complete and Submit the Environmental Health Inspection Request form to your Local Health Department with appropriate fee for the inspection.

Environmental Health Inspection Request Instructions and form

✓  Review your Fire Safety Inspection to determine that it has been completed within the past two years. A licensee must have a Qualified Fire Inspection (QFI) completed within the past two years for a SITE license renewal. During the Interim year is a great time to schedule your bi-annual QFI for the following year.

Qualified Fire Safety Inspection and Plan Review

✓  Change of Leadership? If your camp has a change of licensee, director, program director, or camp administrator. Contact your Licensing Consultant to request a “Licensing Record Clearance” (BCAL 1326) and the RI-030 fingerprint forms.

When Emailing Forms

✓  Interim Notification (PROGRAM and/or SITE) forms can be submitted by email because no fee is required.  When emailing notification forms (PROGRAM and/or SITE) and if necessary “Licensing Record Clearance” (BCAL 1326) and “Livescan Fingerprint” (RI-030) forms, ensure the name of the file corresponds to the title of the form and all files are separate PDF’s attached to the Email.


In the subject line of the email insert: Camp Interim Notification-Camp (name)
Note: Ensure all files are separate PDF's attached to the email.