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Camp Licensee

Camp PROGRAM and/or SITE are licensed separate and issued for a two-year period. This includes adult and children’s camp types; Residential, Day, Travel, Troop, and Site.  Statutory requirements for continued licensure require an onsite inspection every year to determine ongoing compliance with statute and administration rules for camps.

Therefore, licensees must submit the required documents to the state of Michigan annually. To determine whether you are in a Renewal year or an Interim Year for your license, please review the expiration date on your most recent PROGRAM and/or SITE license.  If the expiration date is not within the current calendar year, then you are in an Interim Year.  Please choose the correct tab below to proceed.  NOTE: If you have both a camp PROGRAM and/or SITE license, be sure to check the expiration date on both documents.

Camper Health and Fire Incident Reporting