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Camp SITE Application Instructions

Dear Camp SITE Applicant:

This informational packet will provide the following:

  • Camp SITE license application procedure.
  • Application Fee procedure.
  • Camp Administrator Comprehensive Background Clearance
  • Assignment of a Camp Licensing Consultant.
  • Staff and volunteer Criminal History Check No Fingerprint instructions.
  • Environmental Health Inspection procedures.
  • Fire Safety Inspection procedures.
  • Onsite Inspection

Camp SITE and PROGRAM applications are licensed separately.  Camp administrative rules Part 2 (Fire Safety), Part 3 (Environmental Health and Safety), and Part 4 (High Adventure Rules) are specific to a SITE license.  Licensed SITE's are either a Site Residential or a Site day classification.  While a SITE Residential license may facilitate both day and residential camp programs, a SITE Day license is limited to day camp's only.  Annual environmental health and biannual fire inspections are required for residential camps. Some day camp may require an environmental inspection and therefore, you are encouraged to discuss with your assigned licensing consultant if this is necessary for your SITE license.

SITE Application:
Please review, complete and submit the SITE application. The SITE application must be submitted each year by May 1st for timely license issuance. The application is required to schedule an annual inspection, maintain accurate licensing data, and to ensure ongoing compliance.

You can access the SITE application by clicking on:

Camp Site License Application, BCAL 3328S

SITE Application Fee:
An application fee must be paid for a new license.

Send a check or money order payable to the STATE OF MICHIGAN, along with your application, to:

Michigan Department of Lifelong Education, Advancement, and Potential
Camp Licensing Unit
P.O. Box 30664
Lansing, MI 48909-8164

The non-refundable fee schedule for SITE license is:

Children's Camp Capacity




101 or more



Camp Administrator Comprehensive Background Clearance:
Person's applying, Licensee Designee's, Administrators and Program Directors are required to complete a Camp Administrator Comprehensive Background Clearance.  A Camp Licensing Record Clearance Request (BCAL-1326-CAMP) form and the Live Scan Fingerprint Background Check Request (RI-030) form needs to be requested from the licensing unit at (866) 685-0006 or by emailing James Vanden Heuvel, Lead Camp Consultant at prior to applying for a license.  For more information about the Camp Administrator Comprehensive Background Clearance see information on the "licensee" tile and within the "Background Check Information and Forms" section of the camp licensing webpage.  

Steps for Licensure

A Camp Licensing Consultant will be assigned to your application once the licensing unit has determined the application is complete, the fee is paid, and CHC Livescan Fingerprinting of required individuals is done.  The Camp Licensing Consultant will then ensure compliance with the following:

1. Public Act No. 116 of the Public Acts of 1973, as amended and Licensing Rules for Children's and Adult Foster Care Camps.

Child and Adult Camp Administrative Rules

Child Care Organizations Act 116 of 1973

Adult Foster Care Facility Licensing Act 218 of 1979

2. A compliance review must be completed of camp policies and procedures.

Required Camp Policies and Documents Guidance

3. Compliance verification of staff and volunteer consistent with CHC requirements for staff not required for fingerprint.

Background Clearances Required for Camp Staff Instructions (4_22)

4. Environmental health inspection by the local county health department must be completed. Payment for this inspection is the responsibility of the licensee.The Environmental Health "A" certification is necessary prior to license issuance.

Environmental Health Inspection Request Instructions and Form

5. Qualified Fire Inspector (QFI) inspection is required. The fee for a QFI inspection is the responsibility of the licensee. For a list of Qualified Fire Inspectors and information on how to schedule a QFI inspection see link below:

Qualified Fire Safety Inspection and Plan Review

6. Once items 1-5 are complete, the Camp Licensing Consultant will schedule an onsite inspection.

7. An Original Licensing Study Report will be completed by the licensing consultant and if in substantial compliance with all applicable licensing rules, an original license will be issued for six months.

8. For continuing licensure, a renewal application and fee will need to be submitted prior to the expiration of the original license.

Should you have any additional questions, please contact the licensing unit 866-685-0006 or James Vanden Heuvel at (616) 901-3730.