Energy Waste Reduction

About Energy Waste Reduction

  • About Energy Waste Reduction

    Public Act 342, known as the Clean and Renewable Energy and Energy Waste Reduction Act, amends Michigan’s 2008 energy law, Act 295.

    Public Acts 341 and 342 of 2016 updated portions of the gas and electric provider energy efficiency programs (formerly known as energy optimization programs and now referred to as energy waste reduction programs) and created new requirements.  For electric and gas providers, the law requires continued annual energy savings reductions, based on total annual retail sales of the prior year, of 1% per year for electric providers and 0.75% per year for gas providers.

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Self-Directed EWR Plans

  • Self-Directed EWR Plan

    Some commercial and industrial customers may be eligible to create and implement a "self-direct" energy waste reduction plan.

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EWR Service Companies (EWRSC)

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Michigan Energy Measures Database (MEMD)

  • Michigan Energy Measures Database

    The MEMD is a basis for development of initial energy efficiency savings calculations and potential savings for energy efficiency programs.

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Michigan Behavior Resource Manual (BRM)

  • Michigan Behavior Resource Manual

    The BRM provides the basis for energy efficiency programs designed to achieve energy savings by motivating customers to adopt behaviors that result in more efficient energy consumption.

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