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Code of Conduct / Value-Added Programs

2016 PA 341 adds Sec. 10ee which requires the MPSC to establish a code of conduct that applies to all regulated utilities, and includes, but is not limited to, measures to prevent cross-subsidization, preferential treatment, and (except as otherwise provided) information sharing between a utility’s regulated and unregulated services. Sec. 10ee also provides for the ability of utilities to offer customers value-added programs and services, and allows for MPSC review of complaints related to violations of these provisions.

Staff Leads

Lisa Gold

Mike Byrne



  • Established value-added programs and services requirements for all utilities
  • Issued one order establishing interim code of conduct guidance
  • Drafted proposed Code of Conduct rule set
  • Held two stakeholder meetings
  • Initiated rulemaking proceeding with Office of Regulatory Reinvention


Additional Steps

  • Issue order initiating Commission rulemaking proceeding
  • Finalize rules through Commission/APA rulemaking process


Task Reports

No reports available at this time.


Task Events

March 11, 2019

Code of Conduct Rule 9 Meeting Notice

August 29, 2018


June 26, 2018

Agenda | Presentation


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Value-added programs and services requirements for all utilities

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2016 PA 341

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Paths to the Future Report - Code of Conduct

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