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Demand Response Potential Study

Update 10/2/2017: 2016 PA 341 Sec. 6t requires the Commission to conduct an assessment for the use of demand response (DR) in Michigan. This assessment will be used as input for integrated resource plan modeling scenarios, also required by PA 341. The implementation of the statewide assessment will be conducted through the DR workgroup as a subset of the IRP implementation stakeholder process. 

Work has concluded on the demand response potential study and market assessment. The studies were completed on September 29, 2017. This completion date is ahead of the statutory deadline, and will allow for public comment as established in the timeline for Staff's integrated resource plan parameter setting process.

The market assessment includes opportunities for large commercial and industrial businesses operating in Michigan, with electric loads greater than 1MW, to provide input on the factors that affect their ability to participate in demand response programs and the types of programs that are most appealing to them. 

Questions or comments may be sent to the Staff Lead, Dave Isakson.

Staff Leads

Dave Isakson



  • Held two workgroup meetings to solicit stakeholders for comments on the scopes for Staff’s proposed two-part demand response potential study and how results of the yet-uncompleted potential study should be incorporated into Staff’s proposed IRP scenarios (Staff’s Strawman)
  • Completed the Michigan Demand Response Market Assessment of large commercial and industrial customers and the statewide Michigan Demand Response Potential Study on September 29th, 2017


Additional Steps

  • Integrate study results into future IRP cases and continued evaluation of potential study estimates


Task Reports

Michigan Demand Response Market Assessment
Michigan Demand Response Potential Study


Task Events

April 17, 2017

Agenda | Presentation

March 17, 2017

AgendaPresentation | Potential Study Scopes Draft


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