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Energy Waste Reduction Potential Study

2016 PA 341, Sec. 6t requires the Commission, among other things, to conduct an assessment of the potential for energy waste reduction in this state and identify what is economically and technologically feasible, as well as what is reasonably achievable. The results of the energy waste reduction potential study are to inform modeling assumptions for utilities to integrate into their IRP proceedings.

The formal portion of the statewide IRP modeling assumption process is scheduled to begin August 18, 2017 and conclude by December 18, 2017. The informal portion of this stakeholder outreach effort will begin immediately and conclude in July 2017 with the submission of a draft staff proposal to be filed in the IRP Modeling Parameters docket once it is initiated.  

Staff will seek input through follow-up discussions and meetings with stakeholders on approaches to meeting these requirements, including how best to leverage existing energy waste reduction potential studies.


Staff Lead

Patricia Poli



  • Completed a statewide energy waste reduction potential study in August the with stakeholder input
  • Three stakeholder meetings
    • One of these meetings was a session with LBNL
  • Incorporated into the larger IRP scenarios and assumptions report


Task Reports

2017 November

LBNL webinar on Time Value of Five EWR measures in Michigan Presentation

2017 August

LP Combined Utility BAU Potential w/ Additional Aggressive Program Scenarios | UP Base Case Potential Study Memo

2017 July

Staff IRP Strawman draft proposal - July 12 | Staff IRP Assumptions Table - July 12 | Staff Memo to IRP Stakeholders - July 25

2017 June

EWR Potential Study Staff Whitepaper draft - June 26


Task Events

May 1, 2017

Stakeholder Update | Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) Slides | LBNL Video 1 - IRP Overview | LBNL Video 2 - Energy Waste Reduction in IRP | LBNL Video 3 - Demand Response in IRP | LBNL Video 4 - Uncertainty in IRP

April 17, 2017

Agenda | Presentation

March 17, 2017



Task - Related Documents

2017 August- Final Results of EWR Supplemental Potential Studies

Combined Utility BAU Potential w/ Additional Aggressive Program Studies | UP Base Case Potential Study Memo

2017 July- Preliminary EWR Potential Estimates for LP w/ Aggressive Program Scenarios

Lower Peninsula Preliminary Results Tables | Assumptions for Aggressive EWR Programs Scenarios | List of Measures Analyzed | Detailed Avoided Cost Assumptions

2017 June- Stakeholder Responses to Staff Request for Supplemental Information

Staff Memorandum CE | DTE | Ecoworks | I&M | MEGA 5/23/17 | MEGA 6/12/17 | NRDC | NRRI

2017 May- Stakeholder Comments on Staff Proposed Alternate Scenarios

Staff Update Request | Staff Att. 1- Alt Scenarios | Staff Att 2 GDS Answers to Stakeholder Questions | GDS to NHT | NHT | NRDC

2017 April- Stakeholder Comments Potential Studies

Staff Request for Feedback | NRDC | 5 Lakes | EcoWorks et al | NHT | MEEA

2017 March- Staff EWR potential study questions to DTE-CE

Staff Questions to CE | Staff Questions to DTE | CE 1 | CE 2 | CE 3 | DTE

2017 – Annual incremental MWHs savings as % of Sales – CE and DTE

CE | DTE 2016 DTE Natural Gas EE Potential Study Appendices | Residential | Commercial Industrial 

2016 DTE Electric EE Potential Study

Appendices: Residential | Commercial | Industrial

2016 CE EE Potential Study

Appendices: Residential Commercial | Industrial Global Assumptions | EE Catalogue | COCE

2013 Statewide Energy Efficiency Potential Study