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MPSC Staff Solar Working Group

In December 2013, the Commission directed the MPSC Staff to convene a solar working group to discuss and determine possibilities for improving DTE Electric’s customer-owned SolarCurrents program including means for incorporating community solar into the program.  Additionally, Consumers Energy participated in the discussions.  The working group met approximately every 3 weeks from February through May 2014.  On July 1, 2014 the MPSC Staff issued its report summarizing the group’s work and posted the report in both DTE Electric’s U-17302 and Consumers Energy’s U-17301 renewable energy plan dockets.

The Commission has reconvened the Solar Working Group in May 2015 to specifically focus on a just and reasonable value of capacity in the VoS computation, considering capacity values in different contexts including at minimum the MISO annual auction, MISO Cost of New Entry, Consumers’ acquisition of capacity through private auction, embedded capacity costs, and tariffed costs for stand-by capacity.  The Commission ordered Staff to file a report in the U-17752 docket by September 30, 2015 describing recommendations for “a more predictable and fair VoS calculation method.”


Meeting Minutes, Attendees & Links

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