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Solar Power - Learn About Electricity Bill Savings

Estimates do not guarantee savings

It is important to understand that the savings that are calculated for your project when it is being designed are just estimates. Factors such as your energy use, the cost of electricity, and the amount of sun your panels receive will affect the amount of electricity your solar array will generate.

Utility rates are likely to change over time

Utility rates are ever changing. Utilities are maintaining and upgrading their systems to ensure that the customers receive the most reliable service and save electricity when possible.

Your usage situation can change

Are you planning to purchase an electric vehicle? Are you replacing your electric stove? There are many things that you can do in your home that will both increase and decrease the amount of electricity you use in your home, which will affect how much of your energy bill your solar will cover.

Understanding DG structure

The distributed generation (DG) program is a program that allows customers to install solar on their home and receive credits for any electricity they send back to the utility. In this program you are permitted to install a solar array large enough to cover your historical energy use. This program differs from a traditional net metering program in that the electricity you send back to the utility is credited to you at a lower rate that what is done in a traditional net metering program. More information about distributed generation programs.