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Pipeline Safety

Pipeline Safety Program

The Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC) is responsible for overseeing the safety and reliability of natural gas transmission, distribution, and gathering systems through a comprehensive set of safety and technical standards and associated compliance inspection and enforcement activities. These regulatory functions are conducted pursuant to state and federal laws and rules with authority delegated by the federal government, specifically the United States Department of Transportation's Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA).

The MPSC is granted the authority to establish and enforce gas safety standards under Public Act 165 of 1969 (PA 165).  The Michigan Gas Safety Standards promulgated under PA 165 adopt the minimum federal safety standards applicable to natural gas pipelines.  For more detail on federal safety standards and their adoption within the Michigan Gas Safety Standards, please visit our Michigan Gas Safety Standards webpage.  

The MPSC conducts pipeline operator inspections, incident investigations, and enforcement activities for all jurisdictional intrastate gas pipeline systems in Michigan.  The MPSC is designated as an interstate agent to conduct inspections and investigations and relay findings for enforcement to PHMSA for interstate gas pipeline systems in Michigan.  The MPSC's pipeline safety program inspects both pipelines and underground storage of natural gas jurisdictional pipeline operators in Michigan.  However, the pipeline safety program does not have jurisdiction over hazardous liquid pipelines. Please note that the two lists provided below include all jurisdictional operators in the State of Michigan that were active during the calendar year of 2022.

List of Jurisdictional Natural Gas Pipeline Operators

List of Jurisdictional Underground Natural Gas Storage Operators


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Who do I contact?

For additional questions and inquiries related to the MPSC's pipeline safety program, please visit our Gas Safety & Operations contact webpage.