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Transportation & Storage

Michigan's natural gas system is complex and diverse with over 59,000 miles of distribution pipelines, 3.3 million service lines, and 9,000 miles of transmission and gathering pipelines that serve the needs of customers in the Upper and Lower Peninsulas. To learn more about the exploration, production, transmission, storage, distribution, and marketing of natural gas in Michigan, click here  

Natural Gas Well Permitting and Production

Application for Standard Well Connection Permit Form P-171-G

Permit application P-171-G (01/2023 revision) is available in Microsoft Word or Excel, and Adobe Acrobat PDF formats. These formats will allow you to enter information onto the form electronically.

General instructions for completing the form are included at the top of the form. Questions on the permit application should be directed to MPSC production staff.

Monthly Production Report Forms

The MPSC and the Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy, Oil, Gas and Minerals Division (EGLE-OGMD) use common forms for reporting production to both agencies.

Instructions for completing the hard copy form are included under each column heading on the form. Questions on gas production reporting should be directed to MPSC production staff.

Production reports are due 45 days after the end of the month. Completed copies of the monthly production reporting form for gas wells and oil wells that produce gas are to be mailed to both the MPSC and EGLE-OGMD.

Oil well production reports should be submitted to the EGLE-OGMD only. Oil well reporting questions should be directed to John McTiernan, 517-284-6834.

  • Monthly Production Report, EQP 7101
  • Annual Production Report, EQP 7101A
  • Monthly Production Report (Trenton Black River), EQP 7105

For electronic filing of monthly production reports, please access the MPSC Oil & Gas Well Production system. 


For production questions, contact MPSC production staff

Gas Safety & Operations Division, Phone: 517-284-8220

Cindy Creisher, 517-275-2823,

Kevin Spence, 517-284-8263,


For information related to oil production, see the EGLE-OGMD


Additional Michigan Natural Gas Production Information at the Michigan Public Service Commission: