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Tariff Filing Information

Electronic Tariffs

On July 25, 2006 the Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC) issued an order in Case No. U-14973 requiring that telecommunications tariffs be filed electronically and adopted procedures to implement this. These procedures can be reviewed using the Commission's E-Docket system here. Telecommunications providers are also required to make their tariffs publicly available on their website.

New tariffs and revisions to existing tariffs should be filed electronically via email to (please be aware that this email address is only for filing tariffs, other communications should be sent to Telecommunications Division staff directly). When you send a tariff filing to CommTariff you should receive an automatic reply via email confirming that the filing was received. If you do not receive this reply or you are not contacted within 10 business days please contact Paul Negin at

Once you have submitted a tariff filing it will be reviewed by Telecommunications Division staff. If the person reviewing the filing has any questions or concerns you will be contacted and if necessary asked to make revisions and resubmit your tariff filing. Once the review is complete the tariff will be electronically stamped and a copy in PDF format will be emailed to you for your records. You will then need to post your new or updated tariff on your website and if you have not already done so provide a link to it to the Commission to be included in its online tariff index.

Local Exchange Carrier (LEC) Tariffs

If you are filing a new local exchange tariff and your company does not yet have a license issued by the Commission you will need to apply for a license before filing a LEC tariff. After a provider receives its license, but prior to commencing service, a provider must file its tariff reflecting the services it will offer and identify the exchanges in which it will offer service. Information for providers seeking to apply for a CLEC license can be found here: LEC Information Package.

The MPSC maintains an illustrative LEC tariff that may be used to assist providers when drafting a new LEC tariff. Many of the provisions of this generic tariff are found in providers' current local exchange tariffs so it may be useful in formatting a LEC tariff to fit Michigan requirements. However, it is intended as an example and all providers should tailor their tariffs to the services they intend to provide. The generic tariff is available in Microsoft Word format here: Generic Tariff.

Competitive Access (CAP), Interexchange (IXC), and Other Tariffs

Tariffs are also required for facilities based CAPs and IXCs. As with local tariffs you will need to follow the MPSC's electronic tariff requirements and procedures adopted in Case No. U-14973. All providers of telecommunication service will also need to register with the MPSC's Intrastate Telecommunications Service Provider (ITSP) registry per Commission order in Case No. U-11900 and Section 211a of the Michigan Telecommunications Act.

In addition, per Section 402 of the Michigan Telecommunications Act providers may file tariffs for unregulated services with the Commission if they choose to do so.