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Generic LEC Tariff

The MPSC maintains the following illustrative local exchange tariff that may be used to assist providers when drafting a new LEC tariff. Many of the provisions of this generic tariff are found in providers' current local exchange tariffs so it may be useful in formatting a LEC tariff to fit Michigan requirements. However, it is intended as an example only and should not be interpreted to mean that every included provision is required by rule or statute. All providers should consult with appropriate legal counsel and tailor their tariffs to the services they intend to provide.

Using the Generic Tariff

The generic tariff is available as a Microsoft Word document below. Throughout the document there are annotations, examples, and blank spaces. Providers should be sure to replace these with the appropriate information specific to their company before filing. 

Required Maps and Legal Descriptions of Service Areas

As required by the MPSC's tariff procedures, all local exchange tariffs must include a local calling area list, maps and legal descriptions of a providers service area, and an index of cities, villages, and townships by exchange and county. Providers are permitted to mirror the service territory of an incumbent local exchange carrier (ILEC) by identifying the ILEC and which exchanges they are mirroring. In Michigan providers commonly mirror exchanges of AT&T Michigan, Frontier North, and/or Frontier Midstates. To simplify this for providers using the generic tariff, the MPSC has provided Word documents that list the exchanges and local calling areas of each of these ILECs as well as documents listing the cities, villages, and townships applicable to them. Users of the generic tariff wishing to mirror the territory of one or more of these ILECs should download the appropriate documents and add the relevant exchanges and local calling areas to Section 5.1 and the corresponding cities, villages, and townships to Section 5.2 of the Generic Tariff. Providers choosing to mirror ILEC territory are not required to mirror all the exchanges of any particular ILEC so when using the generic tariff they should include the exchanges where they actually intend to provide service.

Advice Letter

Per the MPSC's tariff procedures, an advice letter must accompany each tariff filing. To assist providers an example advice letter is available below. Providers may add their specific company information and use this as a template for their own tariff filings

Additional Filing Information

Additional information on filing telecommunications tariffs and the MPSC's filing requirements can be found here: Tariff Filing Information.