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Defined Contribution New Hire Information

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Michigan Office of Retirement Services

Defined Contribution New Hire Information

Defined Contribution Plan New Hire Information

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Plan Level Participation

Judges Appointed or Newly Elected on or after March 30, 1997: These judges may only participate in the State DC plan at 100% of their State judicial salary.

Judges Re-appointed or Re-elected after a Break in Service: Judges who are re-appointed or re-elected after a break in service may have a one-time opportunity to continue in the State's DB plan or transfer to the State DC plan.

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Salary Certification Information

Some members of the Judges Retirement Systems (JRS) members participated in plan 3 under the DB plan and transferred to the State of Michigan DC plan at the same salary participation level (plan 3 participation salary). Salary previously included under JRS must be deducted from the salary used to compute retirement benefits under a local retirement plan. Salary standardization converted to JRS for retirement purposes must be deducted from local supplementary salary reported to a local retirement plan.

Following the separation of a DC participant, a local plan administrator requests a salary certification from the Office of Retirement Services (ORS). ORS then certifies the portion of the member's local salary attributed to the State DC plan. The salary certification is sent to the local plan administrator for completion. For a sample DC salary certification click here.

If the combined final average salary used by the local retirement plan and the JRS salary for the State DC plan exceeds the member's total judicial salary at time of retirement, the final average salary applicable to the local plan must be reduced.

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Local Plan Participation

Judges elected or appointed on or after March 31, 1997 are prohibited from participating in a local unit of government's retirement plan for simultaneous service rendered to the same public sector employer except for health care purposes. This includes participation in 401(K) and 457 deferred compensation plans.

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