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DCDS Entries and Retirement

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Michigan Office of Retirement Services

DCDS Entries and Retirement

DCDS Entries and Retirement

Plan A expiration dates

When you process a timesheet for an employee on Plan A, verify that the expiration date has not passed. If an employee enters PLNA hours after the Plan A period has expired, those hours will not post to the employee's retirement account. If an employee has decided to extend the Plan A period, it is important that you enter a new expiration date in HRMN, which then interfaces to DCDS. This ensures that the employee will receive full retirement credit throughout the Plan A period.

Adjusting an employee's hours in DCDS

When you make an adjustment to an employee's hours in DCDS, be sure to select the end date of the pay period you are actually adjusting. This ensures that the correct amount of service is credited for retirement purposes in the appropriate pay period. If you make the adjustment in the current pay period, the employee will not receive the correct service credit for retirement.

You are not able to make adjustments for pay periods prior to 12/8/2002. Please contact ORS if an adjustment needs to be made prior to this date.

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