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TDP Enrollment Process Steps

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TDP Enrollment Process Steps

TDP Enrollment Processing Steps

Below are steps to begin the TDP enrollment process. If you have any additional questions about the TDP process or receive calls relating to the HRMN deduction processing, please contact Employer Reporting at

Processing Steps

Step 1

The Defined Benefit (DB) employee must have a valid member billing statement and Tax-Deferred Payment (TDP) Agreement (R0498G). If not, they should contact ORS first.

If the employee is not in the DB plan, they are not eligible to purchase service credit.

Step 2

Complete, sign and date, the employer portion of the form. Provide a copy to the employee for their records.

Step 3

Verify the correct deduction code for the service credit purchase. Review the TDP Deduction Code for a complete list.

Start deductions by using the specific deduction code that correlates with the billing type and number of agreements the member currently has for this service type.
Start the first payment in the same pay period as, or the next pay period after, the date you (MI-HR) have signed the TDP agreement. If you deduct payments before you have signed the agreement you will have to refund those payments, and withhold taxes, to the employee.

Review the HRMN section for complete instructions on how to set up a TDP Agreement in HRMN.

Step 4

Keep a copy of the TDP Agreement form for the employee’s personnel file. Send a copy to ORS.

Since it’s critical that ORS has a copy of this form on file, inform the employee that you are forwarding it on.

Step 5

Fax a copy of the TDP agreement to 517-322-1116.  You may also mail a copy of the TDP agreement to ORS to the following address:

ATTN: 4th Floor Mason Building/Process Support
Office of Retirement Services
P.O. Box 30177
Lansing, MI 48909

Note: ORS cannot accept the payment if the form is not on file.