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Processing Service Credit Purchases

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Processing Service Credit Purchases

Processing Service Credit Purchases

Employees in the Defined Benefit plan can purchase service credit to enhance their pension or to meet retirement eligibility criteria. Before an employee can begin the process, they should research the service credit types that are available to purchase. Each service credit type has its own eligibility rules, special conditions, costs, and application procedures.  Employees can view a detailed list of the various service credits offered on the Types of Service Credit section of the member website.

There are three methods available to pay for the service credit; check or money order, Tax-Deferred Payments (TDP), Plan-to-Plan Transfer, or combination of the payment methods. Employees can view the How to Purchase Service Credit section for complete instructions.

If an employee wishes to use the TDP method, they must first obtain a member billing statement and a Tax Deferred Plan (TDP) Agreement (R0498G) from ORS. Once they've obtained the forms, they complete the TDP enrollment process with the MI-HR Service Center.

Note: If the employee works for the Attorney General, Judicial Branch, or Legislative Branch, they work directly with their human resource office.


TDP Enrollment Process Steps

Steps to begin the TDP enrollment process.


Steps to setup TDP deductions in HRMN.

Paying Off or Paying Down an Existing
TDP Agreement

Summary of the options to pay off or increase the deductions of an existing TDP agreement.

Using Final Leave Balances to
Purchase Service Credit

Explanation on how to purchase service credit using lump sum payouts.