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• Article 6, Substance Abuse; Public Health Code (PA 368 of 1978)

• Chapter 2A, Substance Use Disorder Services; Mental Health Code (PA 258 of 1974) PDF icon

• Substance Abuse Program Licensing Rules

Forms and Publications

• Federal Confidentiality Regulations

• Federal Confidentiality Regulations - A Summary PDF icon

• LARA/SUB-020: Program Request for Waiver of Licensing Rules-Appendix A PDF icon

• LARA/SUB-021: Application for Residential Sub-Acute Detoxification-Appendix B PDF icon

• LARA/SUB-023: Application For Use of Methadone or Other Controlled Substances in the Treatment of Narcotic Addiction-Appendix D PDF icon

• LARA/SUB-200: License Change of Information Form PDF icon

• LARA/SUB-500: License Application and Instructions PDF icon

• LARA/SUB-501: How to Apply and Prepare for Licensure PDF icon

• LARA/SUB-502: Prevention Only Application and Instructions PDF icon

• LARA/SUB-503: Model Recipient Rights Policy and Procedures PDF icon

• LARA/SUB-504: Recipient Rights Complaint Form (Recipient to Rights Advisor) PDF icon

• LARA/SUB-505: Recipient Rights Investigation Report (Rights Advisor to Recipient) PDF icon

• LARA/SUB-506: Recipient Rights Coordinating Agency Investigation Report and Instructions PDF icon

• LARA/SUB-507: Recipient Rights Coordinating Agency Appeal Form and Instructions PDF icon

About Substance Abuse Program Licensure

• All standard Substance Abuse licenses must be renewed annually per MCL 333.6238. Licenses must be renewed online annually by July 31st of each year.

• Contact Substance Abuse Licensing

• Currently there is not a licensure application or renewal fee for Substance Abuse Programs.

• Instructions for Using Statewide Search for Substance Abuse Programs

• Statewide Search for Substance Abuse Programs

• Substance Abuse Licensed Programs (as of March 3, 2014) PDF icon

• Substance Abuse Licensed Programs w/Service Categories (as of March 27, 2014) PDF icon

• Temporary and provisional licenses must be renewed prior to their expiration date. Please contact us at least 30 days prior to the expiration date at 517-241-1970.

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