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Syringe Service Programs

SSPs can also be known as Syringe Exchange Programs (SEP), Syringe Access Programs (SAP), and Needle Exchange Programs (NEP). They are a key component in a comprehensive harm reduction strategy.

These programs have been proven to reduce the harms of substance use to the individual and to the community. SSPs reconnect marginalized community members to their community and empower people to make positive changes in their lives. Syringe service programs focus on building relationships and provide people access to other vital services.

The 2024 Michigan Harm Reduction Summit was held in Lansing on June 12th, 2024. Thank you to planning committee, speakers, and attendees for another great year. Visit the Michigan Harm Reduction Summit website to access the post-summit evaluation and materials from previous conferences!


Important Announcement:

Closure of Michigan Pain Consultants in West Michigan. Here is the recent news article: Rising health care costs strain pain management | Many patients in West Michigan and surrounding counties will be affected by this closure so we want to make our SSPs aware. 


Information for SSPs and Providers

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Joint Statement from West Michigan healthcare organizations

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