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Receiving Payments Electronically

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) is the direct deposit of State funded child care payments into the provider's bank account.


  • All licensed/registered child care providers who are approved to receive payments from the State of Michigan are eligible to receive EFT payments.
  • EFT payments to corporate or multi-site providers must be coordinated with their central business office. Multiple bank accounts can be identified for a single tax ID number. Payments for all sites that use the same tax ID number will be deposited the specified bank account.

Payment Notification

If you wish, you will be able to look at your payment details on the Internet at the Vendor Self Service (VSS) website. When you sign up, you will be able to give your e-mail address if you want to be notified electronically when payments are made.

Will I get my payments sooner through EFT?

That depends on how long the mail normally takes to get checks to you from Lansing. EFT payments are generally available the Thursday following a given billing deadline. EFT may be a better option for you because you will not have to take your checks to the bank to deposit them.

Terms You May Need to Know Before Registering for EFT

  • Payee: Any person or business receiving payment from the State of Michigan is a "payee". If you are a provider caring for children receiving child care assistance, you are already a "payee" of the State of Michigan.
  • Vendor Registration: Child care providers are considered "vendors" for the purpose of EFT.
  • Vendor Self Service: VSS is the program where providers must register to receive EFT payments.

Questions You May be Asked by VSS While Signing up to Receive EFT Payments

  • What type of payee are you?
    • Unlicensed child care providers are considered individual payees.
    • Licensed or registered child care providers are considered business payees.
  • If you are an individual payee, are you a State of Michigan employee? The answer is 'No'.
  • If a business payee, what type of business are you? The answer is 'direct human services' because there are no categories for 'personal care services' or 'child care'.

Signing up for EFT

Click in the box below to go directly to the Vendor Self Service site at the State Budget Office. You may want to access and review the SOM VSS User Guides before beginning the registration process. You may want to access the review the Frequently Asked Questions.

Go to Sigma VSS

If you have problems registering for EFT payments, call the Vendor Support Call Center at this toll-free number:


Receiving EFT Payments

You can expect direct deposit of your child care payments to begin two to three weeks after the VSS receives your completed registration.

To sign up NOW, click on the Vendor Self Service (VSS) link above. We hope this method of direct deposit will be convenient and save you valuable time.