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  • The maximum award is $10,000 per year or the cost of tuition and required fees (whichever is less). Recipients may receive 3 total years of Fellowship funding or a maximum lifetime award of $30,000.

    Learn more about the Commitment to Teach in Michigan.

  • Approved funds will be sent to your institution's financial aid office.

    There may be adjustments to your financial aid package if approved for the fellowship. Contact your institution’s financial aid office to inquire about how this may affect you.

  • The MI Future Educator Fellowship can only be paid towards tuition and required fees. If you have other aid that covers a portion or all your tuition and required fees, you may receive a reduced MI Future Educator Fellowship award or may not be eligible for a MI Future Educator Fellowship award.

    You can receive the MI Future Educator Fellowship and the MI Future Educator Stipend at the same time.

    You cannot receive the MI Future Educator Fellowship and funding from the Grow Your Own program at the same time.

  • Fellowships are awarded on a first come, first served basis. There is funding to serve up to 2,500 aspiring teachers.