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Future Proud Michigan Educator Staff Grant

Future Proud Michigan Educator Grow Your Own (GYO) Programs for School Staff Grant

The Michigan Department of Education (MDE) has expanded the Future Proud Michigan Educator (Future PME) initiative with a second round of grant opportunities for districts to develop Grow Your Own (GYO) programs for school staff.  

The GYO Staff grants support partnerships between PK-12 schools and educator preparation providers to develop pathways for school support staff to earn initial teacher certification or for certified teachers to earn additional endorsements.

GYO programs funded via the state budget are an extension of Michigan's efforts to grow and diversify the educator workforce and reduce educator shortages.

In high-quality GYO programs, both partners commit to wrap-around support of candidates through shared mentorship, coaching, observation, and assessment of emerging teachers from the beginning of teacher preparation coursework through the first years of their service as certified teachers. Define, Identify, and Fund Nontraditional Pathways into the Teaching Profession: A resource for Michigan Districts provides key considerations for developing a GYO program and descriptions of exemplary programs. Grow Your Own Educators: A Toolkit for Program Design and Development also provides a collection of user-friendly resources on essential elements of high-quality GYO programs.

Frequently Asked Questions

For more information or support, please contact

Congratulations to Grantees

The Office of Educator Excellence (OEE) would like to congratulate all awardees of the Section 27b GYO School Staff Grant.

The OEE is developing a separate website that will list all grant awardees by fiscal year. This website is estimated to be completed by June 30, 2024. Check back here for the link! For now, we have links to each round’s press release below:


Grant Administration Timeline

Important dates and deadlines for the grant’s performance period are listed in the table below. These dates are also available in the updated Section 27 GYO School Staff Grant FY23 Monitoring and Guidance Document, located in the new Grant Administration Resources section further down this page.

Grant Performance Period: The timeframe during which the grantee must incur, document and request reimbursement for eligible expenses. This period includes three key phases: grant start, grant implementation, and grant ending.

Grant Administration Timeline

Grant Start

Grant Implementation

Grant Ending

  • Grant award date: The date the district receives the Grant Award Notification (GAN).
  • Grant start date: March 3, 2021. Eligible expenses obligated and incurred after this date may be retroactively reimbursed, irrespective of the grantee’s award date.
  • Obligation period: March 3, 2021-September 30, 2026. Obligations outside of this window are considered ineligible under this grant.
  • Expenditure period: March 3, 2021- November 29, 2026. Expenditures outside of this window are ineligible for reimbursement under this grant.
  • Reimbursement period: [Grantee’s grant award date]-November 29, 2026. Grantees may request reimbursement via NexSys throughout this window. (See the new Grant Administration Resources section below for instructions.)
  • Reporting period: Recurring annually and semi-annually, depending on the report. Participant and expenditure reports are collected semi-annually. Budget and performance reports are collected annually.
  • Grantee obligation end date: September 30, 2026. (Final Expenditure Report opens.)
  • Grantee expenditure end date: November 29, 2026. (Final Expenditure Report due.)
  • Summative performance report due date: January 29, 2027.

Note: You may have seen that the federal grant ending date is 12/31/2026. This closeout deadline does not apply to the grantee, but to the State of Michigan. The grantee grant ending dates are necessarily set before the federal end date to allow the State of Michigan sufficient processing time to meet this federal deadline.

  • The grant start date is the date that the district receives the Grant Award Notification (GAN), but please note that candidates can be reimbursed for allowed costs back to March 3, 2021, well before the applications for the grant were available on GEMS/MARS.
  • The federal government provided the State of Michigan with a grant ending date of 12/31/26, but to account for reporting timelines that the State of Michigan must observe for the federal government, districts should be aware of the following:
    • September 30, 2026 is the new end of the obligation period. Districts should have identified all potential candidate recipients for reimbursements before this date.
    • This date also marks the date when the Final Expenditure Report (FER) is open on NexSys. This means that districts should begin preparations for finalizing, and then stopping, all expenditures under the grant.
    • November 29, 2026 is the deadline for the submission of the FER on NexSys. After that date no further expenditures can be made, since they will not be able to be reported on the FER.
  • Between now and the submission of the FER, districts can pass reimbursements to candidates (or pay for expenses on behalf of their candidates) at any time, and they may post requests for reimbursement funds to the district on NexSys at any time. See the new Grant Administration Resources section below for instructions.
  • For all other reporting deadline dates between now and the submission of the FER, please refer to the Section 27 GYO School Staff Grant FY23 Monitoring and Guidance document, especially pages 10-11.

To contact the GYO team for questions about the administration timeline and for all other education workforce grant related questions, please email

Grant Administration Resources

  • Start with the Grow Your Own Program Development Guide for an overview of the GYO program, its goals, and the basics of how it works for districts and their candidates. This is a guide that we provide to districts who are considering GYO and are ready for the opening questions and considerations before applying. 

  • Please download the Section 27 GYO School Staff Monitoring and Guidance v5 and delete all previous versions. This document is your primary resource for grant administration instructions, rules, best practices, reporting deadlines, and reference information.

  • Your district may request reimbursement funds from its grant award amount on NexSys at any time using the NexSys Reimbursement Request Instructions.

  • (All deadlines for these reports are listed in the Section 27b GYO School Staff FY23 Monitoring and Guidance document, linked above.) Reference the NexSys GYO Budget Report Instructions to successfully report your updated GYO budgets on NexSys. 

  • (All deadlines for these reports are listed in the Section 27b GYO School Staff FY23 Monitoring and Guidance document, linked above.) Use the NexSys GYO Expenditure Report Instructions to successfully report your updated GYO expenditures on NexSys. Note that you cannot report expenditures until your GYO Budget Report has been received and approved by OEE. 

  • This budget and financial reporting video resource was originally created for Round 1 grantees but contains information and tips that are relevant for all awarded districts updating their budgets for their GYO programs.

  • This application support video resource was originally created for potential Round 2 applicants but has valuable information about candidate selection, working with educator preparation programs (EPPs), and other background information about the GYO program.


  • Employees may be either directly employed by the Local Education Agencies (LEAs), Public School Academies (PSAs) or Intermediate School Districts (ISDs or working in an LEA, PSA, or ISD under contract with a third-party staffing agency.
  • Grant funds may be used to support non-certificated employees working toward initial teacher certification or currently certified teachers looking to add an additional endorsement to a Michigan teaching certificate.
  • Eligible expenses for this grant include teacher preparation coursework tuition and program fees at an eligible educator preparation provider, books, licensure testing fees, travel to and from coursework, substitute permit costs, and costs for 6th-12th grade EXPLORE programs.
  • Candidates who receive funding from the GYO Staff grants cannot concurrently receive the MI Future Educator Fellowship or Stipend.
  • Applications must be submitted by Michigan LEAs, PSAs, or ISDs. 
  • All applications will require a signed partnership agreement with one or more Educator Preparation Provider. 

Michigan Preparation Providers Resources

Note: For the four directories below, the “CTE” and “Teacher” listings are eligible for the Grow Your Own grant.