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Affordability, Alignment, and Assistance Subcommittee

AAA Anonymous Suggestion Box

AAA Subcommittee Goals Document

08/12/21 Meeting Presentation

09/09/21 Meeting Presentation

10/14/21 Meeting Presentation

10/14/21 Meeting Recording

11/10/21 Meeting Presentation

11/10/21 Meeting Recording

12/09/21 Meeting Presentation


Maximize LIHEAP Funding in 2023

MI Clean Energy Report 04/2022 

EAAC Interim Report 12/17/2021

Collaboration and Communication Process Report 12/15/2021

Utility and Agency Customer Journey Presentation 10/2021

Michigan Energy Assistance Programs Overview 09/2021

Assistance Programs and Credits Diagram FY20

Michigan Energy Assistance Program

Federal and State Energy Assistance Programs Summary 11/2021

Federal Energy Assistance Timeline 11/2021

Utility Customer Payment Data

U-20757 February 18, 2021 Order

Resources provided by Stakeholders and Presenters

DEFG LIEIF Consumer Survey Road to Recovery 01-19-2022

NARUC State Approaches to Intervenor Compensation

DEFG LI Energy Affordability Excerpt

Empowering Families Through Affordable Energy - MLPP

Energy Assistance Timeline 

Equity in a Clean Energy Economy Collaborative

Federal Poverty Guidelines

FSC Affordability Gap Data

High Energy Burden Low-Income Energy Affordability Literature Review

How High Are Household Energy Burdens - ACEEE

ICF - How to advance energy affordability with an integrated utility strategy

LIHEAP Performance Management

Low-Income Energy Affordability: Conclusions from a Literature Review - Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Low- Income Energy Affordability Data (LEAD) Tool

MDHHS LIHEAP Trend Information

Memorandum on State Utility Disconnection Moratoriums and Utility Affordability - National Governors Association

National Energy and Utility Affordability Coalition

Oregon PUC Survey Report

Urban Energy Justice Lab

Zero Cities UCC GR Equity Assessment Tool Report

Zero Cities UCC Consumer Survey on Residential Energy Services Utilization


Resources Provided by Roger Colton for the April 8,2021 Meeting:

Different Approaches To Defining Energy Affordability

Water Bill Affordability 

Impact of Low-Income Bill Affordability Programs On Program Participant Usage 

Ratepayer-Funded Utility Bill Affordability