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Phase III - Integrated Resource Plan (MIRPP, Filing Requirements, Demand Response Study, Energy Waste Reduction Study)

Notice: MI Power Grid meetings and all other MPSC workgroup meetings will be conducted via teleconference only until further notice. Please find remote access information for upcoming meetings on our calendar of events.

MI Power Grid Optimizing Grid Investments & Performance StampElectric utilities are required to file plans every five years with the Commission that look at anticipated customer electricity needs over the next 5, 10, and 15 years as well as the appropriate mix of resources to serve those needs, including power plants, renewable energy, energy waste reduction, demand response, and customer-owned resources. The MPSC establishes parameters and filing requirements for utility integrated resource plans and conducts studies on achievable levels of energy waste reduction and demand response.

Actions to Date

  • Established initial Integrated Resource Plan parameters and filing requirements in 2017 (U-18418, U-18461)
  • Conducted Energy Waste Reduction and Demand Response potential studies in 2017
  • Conducted Energy Waste Reduction and Demand Response Potential Studies 2021
  • Ongoing integrated resource plan cases
  • Staff convened stakeholder workgroups to:
    • Update integrated resource plan filing requirements/parameters consistent with the integrated planning, value of diversity findings
  • Staff developed a redline version of the Michigan Integrated Resource Planning Parameters taking into account the recommendations from the Advanced Planning Phase II Report for stakeholder review by December 22, 2021, in accordance with the Commission's Order in U-20633
  • EGLE presented its filing requirement additions addressing environmental justice in integrated resource planning at two stakeholder meetings
  • Staff reviewed and incorporated the results of the Demand Response and Energy Waste Reduction Potential Studies  

Staff Lead

Naomi Simpson

Assistant Staff Leads

Jesse Harlow

Roger Doherty

Public Hearings

September 8, 2022

Event Page | Presentation

September 21, 2022

Event Page | Presentation

Stakeholder Sessions


Event Page | Agenda | Presentation | IRP Filing Requirements Draft | IRP Parameters Draft | Stakeholder Feedback | I&M Feedback | Recording


Event Page | Agenda | Presentation | Scenario 1 | Scenario 2 | Stakeholder Feedback | I&M CommentsRecording

February 28, 2022 (TELECONFERENCE ONLY)

Event Page | Agenda | Presentation |Stakeholder FeedbackRecording

January 31, 2022 (TELECONFERENCE ONLY)

Event Page | Agenda | Presentation | Stakeholder Feedback | Recording

December 16, 2021 (TELECONFERENCE ONLY)

Event Page | Agenda | Presentation | Draft IRP Filing Requirements | Draft IRP Parameters | Stakeholder Feedback | ITC Comments | Recording


Environmental Considerations Subgroup


Event Page | Agenda | Presentation | CE Comments | Recording


Event Page | Agenda | Presentation | Environmental Considerations | Stakeholder Feedback |  Recording

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