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Information for customer assistance organizations

We know that learning about available assistance options and developing materials to educate your community can be a time and resource intensive undertaking. We want to help.  Below, you can access the Commission’s Energy Assistance Outreach toolkit and the FCC’s toolkit on the Affordable Connectivity Program.  We hope these materials will be valuable to you in your work. If you have questions or would like to talk with someone about these programs or materials, or discuss other education and Commission outreach opportunities, please e-mail us.

Energy Assistance Outreach Toolkit

The MPSC’s outreach toolkit includes:

  • Information about energy assistance programs
  • Information about winter shut off protections
  • Sample social media and written materials for customer outreach
Download the Energy Assistance Outreach Toolkit

The Federal Communications Commission Affordable Connectivity Toolkit

The FCC’s Affordable Connectivity outreach toolkit includes:

  • Consumer Awareness Materials – Infographics, flyers, fact sheets, etc.
  • Materials for schools
  • Materials for governmental partners
Explore the FCC’s Affordable Connectivity Toolkit

The Commission is exploring opportunities to address the needs of low-income households. To learn more about this work, visit the Low-Income Energy Policy Board,  Energy Affordability and Accessibility Collaborative, or our Low Income Workgroup.