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Application, Permitting, & Registration Forms

Utility Financial Forms

Below you will find blank working copies of certain financial forms provided for electric and natural gas utilities and telecommunication companies, as well as for electric cooperatives and Act 9 pipeline companies.

Electric Utility Forms

Form P521 entire form  (Excel)

Form P521 FERC special assessment cost instructions (pdf)

Form P521 for Steam Generators (Excel)

Electric Cooperative Form

Additional Schedules for Cooperatives (Excel)

Natural Gas Forms

Form P522 – Entire Form (Excel)

Form P522 B for gas sales less than 200,000 mcf  (Excel)

Act 9 Company Forms

Form S102 for Act 9 Pipeline Companies (Excel)

Public Utility Assessment Forms

Public Utility Assessment Form for Electric and Natural Gas Utilities  (Excel)

Public Utility Assessment Form for Member Regulated Cooperatives (Excel)

Public Utility Assessment Form for Telecommunication Companies (Excel)

Instructions for Public Utility Assessment Forms for Telecommunication Companies (PDF)

Uncollectibles Allowance Forms

PA 163 of 2013 eliminates the requirement for utilities to contribute to an uncollectibles allowance recovery fund.